Retreat Testimonials



“WOW – the whole weekend exceeded my expectations. There was the perfect mix of activities, self healing, self care, connecting with others and free time. The venue was great – clean and comfortable and the surrounding grounds very relaxing. I was nervous about eating vegetarian all weekend but it was absolutely amazing. Because of the amazing facilitators (Tanya and Annette) I have left the weekend with some very practical next steps, a clear path forward and with some new friends who I hope to catch up with at the next Rest and Reset Retreat”



“I had the absolute pleasure in attending a retreat organised by the wonderful Tanya and her trusty side kick Annette. The Govinda Valley retreat is tucked away in a dreamy location. The facilities are beautiful and the beds are comfy … perfect to crash into after a day of nourishment and relaxation. The food is just delicious and 100% nutritious. All meals were prepared by an amazing chef … my taste buds were dancing.

The discussions were very useful. I have been implementing the goals and strategies since I arrived home. The restorative yoga classes and massages were exactly what my body needed. I loved every part of the weekend, it was defiantly the power up that my mind and body needed. My hubby has already given me the ok to attend another one”



“Tanya, thank you for putting together such a unique and nourishing weekend. You allowed the group to leap wholeheartedly into the journey, and from the first moment, created a nurturing and safe space to explore our thoughts around life with our special needs children.

The Govinda Valley retreat hosted an abundance of everything good; tasty and creative foods, friendly hosts, and all in a setting surrounded by nature’s finest bounty. I left feeling nourished and encouraged to believe in unlimited possibilities, and a promise to myself to return every year”



“I am so grateful for your Rest and Reset Retreat. It was the perfect pause I needed to gain perspective and find my true self again. Your gentle guidance in helping me find simple ways to implement more joy and self care into my everyday life is a beautiful gift that both myself and family will feel the benefits of long after the conclusion of the retreat. At the conclusion of the retreat I not only felt refocused and full of purpose but i felt truly rested. I think this was due to the perfect balance of time to rest, opportunities for self care, gentle guidance and education all whilst being immersed in the beautiful surrounds of the South Coast and being nourished with delicious clean, vegetarian food. Thank you for this opportunity, I am sure returning to this retreat will be on my self care list from now on”



“Tanya…Thank you for being you and sharing you with me. Your generosity, empathy and selflessness have grounded me, and your knowledge has given me some healthy roots to plant, shoot and thrive from. I’m taking such amazing clarity of owning my life and my feelings from this retreat and I am so incredibly grateful.”



“I felt so welcome and was told that the retreat was about US and that how we chose to spend our time was completely our choice. We learned so much about self care, about mental health, about how to help not only our children but ourselves. I could’ve stayed there for another week listening to the wealth of information Tanya shared with us about her experience raising her daughter and her practical knowledge about the benefits of occupational therapies, meditation, breath awareness and gut health. The food was so nourishing and every meal brought us all closer together as a group. It was lovely getting to know some of the other carers more, sharing not only stories about the children in our care, but stories about who we are without our children.”



“If I had one sentence to write about the carers retreat it would be “you inspire me!”. Everything that happened on this very special weekend was perfect. It was clear from the beginning that a lot of thought had gone into this retreat to make it as comfortable and nurturing as possible for us. Tanya has a remarkable gift of putting one at ease and is very good at reading the mood and ambiance to guide us onto the next stage. 

This was a retreat of kindness, love and pampering. Nothing pushy to put you out of your comfort zone. No insistence on doing anything but rest, relaxing guided meditative yoga, massages, facials, foot spas. Beautiful silent morning walks and super informative conversations on looking after ourselves and our loved ones. Tanya lives this life so she knows what she’s talking about and you can feel that. When I left this special weekend I felt inspired to care for myself more so I could continue to care for others.”