A unique retreat for special-needs mamas to feel nurtured and supported 

Created by A special-needs mama, Tanya Savva

Rest & Reset Retreat is a beautiful two day / two night retreat specifically developed for special mamas offering love and care to children living with additional needs. 

This carefully designed weekend offers a unique space to rest, rejuvenate and reset from the crazy demands of caring, supporting, advocating and planning a life around the complex needs of our beautiful angels. 

Do you remember who you were before your days were dictated by the needs of your children? Do you remember the essence of your true Self, before you became a mother? It’s time to nurture your weary Soul and nourish your body, mind and soul. It’s time to reconnect to the essence of your true Self.

“Give yourself permission to release the layers that suffocate your heart and shun your light. Expand into the essence of your true Self by remembering who you are beyond the labels, late nights, appointments, and therapy

What's included in this 2 day/2 night experience:

  • 6 wholesome meals and unlimited fruit and tea

  • Complimentary massage

  • Yoga Nidra – a beautiful relaxation technique

  • Two Yin Yoga sessions: Open Your Heart for soul fulfilment and Open Your Hips for deep emotional release

  • Discussions on how to create balance and implement effective strategies to continue connecting with your Self, your needs, and the essence of who you are, beyond the demands of life at home

  • Ample allocated free time to spend however your heart desires (bush walk, beach, read, sleep, or visit local attractions

  • Evening bon fire

  • Comfortable beds in shared accommodation for delicious sleep-ins and connection with others that understand your challenges and needs

  • Mindfulness sessions

  • The chance to win a 3-month ‘12-Week Essence of You' Coaching Package valued at $1,080



NDIS FUNDING to attend rest & reset carer retreats

Some guests who have self-managed NDIS plans have been successful in utilising allocated funds to attend retreat, which focuses on enhancing carer and parental wellbeing, coping strategies, education on sensory integration and coaching to increase family capacity to sustain ongoing care of their child living with a disability. Formal invoicing can be provided upon request. You are encouraged to liaise with your planner to identify if your child’s plan meets the criteria for funding to support your attendance at retreat.

Considerations for this may be available under:

  • Capacity Building - Training for parents & carers

  • Improved Daily Living Skills - Training for Parents and Carers: training in matters related to caring for a person with a disability

  • Family Support - “The Scheme funds supports that families need as a result of a family member’s disability, as well as supports that enable sustainable caring by family members. This includes:

    • family support and counselling due to a family member’s disability

    • supports aimed at increasing the sustainability of family caring arrangement related to the person’s disability

The whole weekend exceeded my expectations. The perfect mix of activities, self-healing, self care, connecting with others and free time
— Briohny

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Tanya is available to host retreats, 1/2 & Full day workshops, and facilitate sessions at planned events.  contact tanya to discuss how she can support your event

You allowed the group to leap wholeheartedly into the journey. I left feeling nourished and encouraged to believe in unlimited possibilities
— Janet