The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo

A true story inspired by my daughter, Mackenzie, who lives with blindness. Through her adventures, Kenzie-Moo encourages you to see the world in a way that you’ve never seen before


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Imagine seeing a dolphin without your eyes. What’s it like to walk through a rainforest, fly in a helicopter or swim in the ocean if you cannot see?

Join Kenzie-Moo and her mum as they journey around Australia in a caravan where she meets a seal, sails on a boat and flies through the sky, using her cane and her big brave heart to navigate.

As she delights in the sounds and sensations around her, Kenzie-Moo invites you to explore the world in ways you’ve never experienced before.

A celebration of difference that might even make you braver.

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An exquisitely written and illustrated story of courage that will open your heart and eyes to new ways of seeing; and a testament to one mother’s love for her daughter.
— Joanne Fedler

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Author Biography

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Tanya’s life changed when her daughter, Mackenzie, was born blind. Inspired by Mackenzie to live a life full of light and joy, she left her career as an Occupational Therapist to pursue a more soul fulfilling life. In 2016 she took Mackenzie around Australia in a caravan and began her writing journey as a travel blogger. She completed the Author Awakening Adventure in 2017, Write Your First Draft Masterclass in 2019 and Midlife Memoir Breakthrough writing retreat with Joanne Fedler in 2019. She is writing a memoir about raising her daughter with special needs as a single mother and the choices she’s made to live an abundant life despite the challenges she's faced as a mother and a woman. She is passionate about empowering mothers to do the same.