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Not 'just a coach'... 

Tanya has combined her professional and personal endeavours to offer exceptional services to meet your needs. Tanya is passionate about empowering mothers through her coaching services and shares her love for teaching yoga in studios and at events, including Blindfolded Yoga - a unique opportunity to see your inner light in the dark. She is a published author and freelance writer, her work published in several magazines and digital blog platforms. Tanya is a motivational speaker with a story to share, and one worth listening too.

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'Hour of Essence' power call

The ‘Hour of Essence’ is a powerful one-hour coaching call. The perfect kick-starter into your beautiful journey to reconnect with essence of who you really are, right at the centre of your heart. Dare to release the layers that suffocate your divine light. This is all about You. Are you ready to connect with your true Self? 

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12 week Essence of You coaching program

The '12-week Essence of You’ package is a transformative program that will encourage you to step into a state of abundance to live an authentic expression of your Self. The journey will help you create inner freedom and give your light permission to expand as far as you dare to dream, free of the confines of self imposed limitations, beliefs and challenges.


SPEAKER - Writer

Tanya is a published author, professional speaker and writer. She shares her message of courage, determination and self belief and empowers you to connect with the essence of your true Self, to live a life of abundance and joy, especially in the face of adversity.

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blindfolded yoga workshop: Your light in the dark

Tanya is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, passionate about taking you on a journey to fully embrace the embodiment of your true Self, free of the confines of mind-driven beliefs.

Join Tanya on this unique experience of blindfolded yoga where every one of your senses will delight, except your vision.