A love note to Barcelona:

Your strong arms envelop me and draw me upon your used body

Coaxing me out of the confines of a safe and familiar space

I feel you begging me to immerse in the depths of your hidden beauty 

Prying on my inquisition and vulnerable disposition 

I don’t need to be convinced to dance with you 

Your filthy essence pulls me in 

Until I’m gagging to feel you

I’m desperate to get dirty with you 

I want to get lost in you 

And then, I would be found.


Your harsh breath seeps into my lungs

I want to run down your narrow lanes and step into your pleasantries 

There are many to explore if willing to be convinced by your devilish allure 

For which, I am

Magnetised by your energetic pull 

Plunging in to your stories, too many for me to hear them all 

Your mystery seeps out of every crevice 

Carefully embedded into your memories

You allow me to look inside yours to keep my own alive 

I want to get lost in you 

And then, I would be found .


Your fingers daringly entice me to move in a little closer

Drawing me deeper into your skin 

Until I’m naked and bathed in you 

Drinking the elixir of your makeup 

Tasting your bitter dinge and woeful things 

Through your layers I find myself falling in love with you

But you knew that’s what you’d do to me

Your cobble stone walls and carved exterior, a visual display of your immense power 

You want me to be fully embraced by your unbridled love

Passionate and fiery, just like I want 

You make no apology for your filth 

You flick your brunette flair and catch my heart with your deliberate stare 

I want to get lost in you 

And then, I would be found.


The warmth of your heart  

Encourages me to wander around another corner 

I lose myself with every move, sliding through your veins 

Exploring new territory with every turn

You lack symmetry and order 

And give permission to be explored 

I relish in the opportunity to play with you 

Wandering without reservation

Now hoping to get lost so I can endure

A little more of you 

I could lose myself in you

I want to get lost in you 

And then, I would be found.

Tanya Savva