Welcome beautiful soul, I'm Tanya


When I was told my newborn baby had a severe brain malformation and 7 different diagnoses, my life changed in an instant. We were sucked into a vortex of medical appointments, specialist care, feeding tubes, blood tests, equipment trials, medications and therapy. I had to weather a storm so powerful, a heart ache so unbearable, and a challenge so inconceivable, that I wondered how we'd survive.

I became consumed by my daughter's challenges and felt trapped by her needs. There was never enough time, money, support or information. I struggled to cope with what her needs demanded of me and I felt broken.

I lost my sense of Self

Exhausted, unhappy and now a single parent, my heart and Soul were screaming out for something more. I missed the happiness and freedom I relished in before her diagnosis took everything away. So I made a choice to bring it back.


I never imagined being a solo parent to a child with special needs would transform my life in the most

magical way

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.26.17 am.png

Blind, developmentally delayed, autistic, hypotonic and reliant on medications to survive

through her darkness i saw my inner light

Through adversity and hardship I learned to redefine who I was. I released my limiting beliefs and chose to step into a higher state of Self. 

I re-created inner freedom and joy and connected with the essence of who I truly am.

A writer. Coach. Mama. Yogi. Meditator. Reader. Truth-seeker. Love giver. Life Student.

I am incredibly passionate about empowering women to redefine their own sense of Self to express the best version of You in every area of your life. Together we can rise above the story and shine your beautiful light.

My daughter isn’t an excuse for why I can’t follow my heart’s desires,
she is the reason for why I should
— Tanya Savva, Wellness & Life Coach and Special-Needs Mama

My gifts, for you. 

1:1 coaching, SPEAKER & writer

Tanya is a coach, motivational speaker and writer with a passion for guiding special-needs mamas back to the essence of who they were before their world was turned upside down. Reconnect with your heart despite living with adversity.

my children’s picture book

A children's picture book: Kenzie-Moo is blind but that doesn’t stop her from having a wonderful adventure. Join Kenzie-Moo as she caravans around Australia with her mum using her cane and her big brave heart to navigate.

retreats for special-needs mamas

Tanya facilitates transformative retreats for women and special-needs mamas that encourage you to look within and feel nurtured, supported and rested. A beautiful space to nourish your body, mind and soul. Are you ready to come home to You?

The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo

‘The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo’ is inspired by my beautiful daughter Mackenzie. She is a magical gift to this world. 

her love and joy knows no boundaries.

This is all because of her.