Do you see me run ahead to move items off the floor so you don’t trip over as you navigate through the house?

Do you see me step in front to protect you from running in to walls you didn’t know appeared?

Do you see my watchful eye observing as much information as I can to ensure you are safe in the community?

Do you see me put toothpaste on your brush and strategically place it beside the sink so you know exactly where to find it? Then clean it and stack it on the charger so you don’t get upset that the battery is going flat?

Do you see me pick up your school shoes after you’ve left them on the living room floor and leave them by the dining table for ease of dressing in the morning?

Do you see me pick up your dirty clothes from the toilet floor where you get undressed most nights?

Do you see me move the butter into the same spot so you can open the fridge and find it every single time?

Do you see me relocate items in the pantry just before I ask you to collect them so you’ll know exactly where they’ll be?

Do you see me loosen tightly closed lids before I ask you to undo them? I know your weak hands can’t do it alone.

Do you see me reposition the dining chair when your dinner is ready?

Do you see me fill up your drink bottle and place it on the left side of your plate, where you like to put it between mouthfuls during meals?

Do you see me scoop food on to your fork ready for you to eat it because I know this is challenging for you?

Do you see me unpack your bag and place your used containers in the dishwasher, and fill them up with your favourite treats to eat in the morning?

Do you see me rearrange the dining chair so it’s ready for you to sit on to get dressed?

Do you see me organising medications into a container to make it easier for you to self-administer your meds?

Do you see me watching you sleep, marvelling over your lashes that protect your beautiful blue eyes?

Do you see me late at night writing, working, planning and coordinating your complex needs so you can live your best life?

Do you see me, darling? …


‘Yes Mama, I do’.

Tanya Savva