On Tuesday 27th November I had the honour of sharing part of my story at a live Story Slam event, created by Anna Kellerman from Mama Creatives. I was one of six speakers who stood in front of a live audience, embraced by a sell out crowd, who held space for us while we shared, cried and rejoiced. The theme of the night was JOY.

We told stories about love, heartache, suffering, abuse, family, relationships, creativity, resilience, strength and overcoming life's struggles to reconnect with inner peace and joy. It was liberating, cathartic and a powerful representation of the the quality of women that are in my circle.

As women came up to me at the end of my story and openly shared their own experiences of parenting, their journey with other’s living with special needs, travel, single parenting and finding their purpose, I was reminded of the power of story telling.

Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story you free yourself, and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story.
— Iyanla Vanzant

I've had enjoyed some wonderful opportunities to share my story across several platforms and I am so grateful for the opportunity, the healing that continues to happen through speaking and writing and the incredible people that are giving me a platform for my voice. The more I share it the more I free myself of the burden of pain I have carried for many years. It is so important to speak your truth, to say your words, and to be heard.

Beneath The Road Unseen road trip I took with my daughter, which gave me the inspiration to write my children’s book The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo, there is a story. I am writing about it in a memoir but have shared little snippets of it for you to enjoy here:

  • My Soul Story is featured in ENRICH Magazine (available in hardcopy)

  • A feature article in MAMA DISRUPT Magazine written by the incredible journalist, author and writing mentor Amy Molloy (available in digital and hardcopy formats)

  • A blog post on Single Mothers Survival Guide - Titled 'What my daughter, with special needs, taught me about life and love'

  • A podcast (episode 118) with Julia Hasche from Single Mother's Survival Guide. You can listen to it on iTunes or on her WEBSITE

  • You can also read any of my musings and travel blog on The Road Unseen and

If you’d love to watch the end of my Story Slam you can watch that HERE on FB (sorry, I had them too encapsulated to think about recording in the beginning!).

If you’ve got a story, what’s holding you back from sharing it?

With love and light,

Tanya xx

Tanya Savva