Day Retreat


Spring Lakes Farm is an organic produce farm located in the Lockyer Valley in QLD. Owned and run by my very dear friend Anika Wulff, organic farmer, Women’s Transformation Coach & Plant Medicine Enthusiast. Spring Lakes Farm is opens its gates to offer an exclusive day retreat to women who are feeling the call to slow down, connect, unwind, breathe deeply again and to replenish themselves. This beautiful vast land will welcome you barefooted and hungry for wholesome body, mind and soul nourishment.

Day Retreat is the perfect mini getaway from the busy-ness and all encompassing rush of day-to-day city living. Leave all the excess at home and simplify your life for the day. Surround yourself in wide-open spaces where white noise is replaced by nature’s whispers. Step away from the demands of life to immerse yourself in a deep embrace and connect with other women who feel the need to simplify, find stillness in presence and nourish themselves, fully.

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  • Have you been feeling the call for something new but unsure what you need?

  • Do you feel pulled towards simplified living but aren’t sure how to get there because you’re caught up in complicated and fast-paced living?

  • Do you know what you need to feel nourished, but fail to implement strategies consistently?

  • Does your life feel crowded and you yearn for more space?

  • Do you miss the connection you had with yourself before life got so busy?

Anika and I will guide you to a place of wholesome fulfilment by offering you the tools, space and Mother Nature to simplify, connect and nourish your entire Being during this beautiful full day retreat at Spring Lakes Farm.

You can expect to:

+ Connect with the earth, your Self and other women to replenish your energy and soften your nervous system

+ Fuel yourself with incredible, simple, heavenly earth grown foods from Spring Lakes Farm (all organic)

+ Come back into your body without distraction to feel your breath through guided meditation, a grounding yoga practice, Earthing in rich fertile soil and ceremony

+ Tune in to the silenced whispers of your heart and release any limitations that are stopping you from living an authentic and full expression of your beautiful yourself 

+ You’ll be welcomed by Anika & Tanya, your behemoth brunette hosts, with delicious intentional hugs, incredible plant medicine and carefully crafted mindful movement that will encourage you to simplify, connect, breathe and nourish yourself whole again.


  • Herbal tea and calming tonic on arrival

  • Vegan menu (lunch and afternoon tea)

  • Meditation practice

  • 1 x hour Yoga practice (no experience necessary – beginners welcome)

  • Free movement practices

  • Earthing during a silent walk

  • Ceremony

  • Self-inquiry practices and journaling

  • Fire pit at the end of the day (weather permitting)

  • Journal & pen (gift)


You’ll need to bring your own yoga mat, comfy cushion to sit on, comfy clothes to sit, lay, walk and yoga in, drink bottle and a warm blanket to snuggle up in if weather is cool.


Spring Lakes Farm

10 Quarry Road


QLD 4311

  • 1 hour from Toowoomba

  • 1.25 hours from Brisbane

  • 2 hours from the Gold Coast

  • 2.25 hours from the Sunshine Coast


Farm to Plate

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Additional option to purchase a delicious Spring Lakes Farm Organic Veggie Box on the day.

Cost: $40 (payable in cash on the day)

Pre-orders ONLY.

Click ‘I’d love one’ on the booking form at checkout or email Anika to let her know you’d love to purchase one on the day:

Who are we?


Anika and Tanya met in 2017 at a lifestyle event that focused on cultivating health and wellbeing with an incredible nutritional system. It was ‘love at first sight’ when the two tallest people at the event caught each other’s eyes.  They realised they had more in common than their height and brunette locks. Anika & Tanya are in love with the Earth, its offerings, exceptional nutrition, yoga, deep conversations and connecting with the feminine spirit.

This offering has been part of their collective vision for 2 years and it’s a dream to bring this to you at Anika’s organic Spring Lakes Farm.

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Anika Wulff is the owner of Spring Lakes Farm, wife to farmer Zac and mama to two earthstars, Darcy and Livvy. She is a Women’s Transformation Coach, plant medicine enthusiast, yogi and lover of all things nourishing, wholesome, connected and slow. Anika spends her days eating fermented foods, covered in dirt and speaking kindly to her sweet spuds, tomatoes and other delicious veggies. You can find her at local farmer’s markets selling her serenaded produce and connecting with women in local ceremonious circles.



Tanya Savva is a Sydney based Women’s Empowerment Coach, speaker and soulful yoga teacher. She is mama to Mackenzie, who lives with special needs. Tanya is passionate about creating spaces that bring women together to deeply connect with the essence of their truth so they can live a life full of abundance and joy. She runs online Self Care & Soul Nourishment events, hosts’ wellness/yoga retreats and is a published author.