I envisioned my dream with unshakable belief & trusted in the process

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The challenge of raising a blind, medically compromised, developmentally delayed and autistic child as a single mother stripped me bare until I felt like I had nothing left to give. I burnt out, crumbling to a heap until I was miserable, unfulfilled and lost my passion and creativity. I was consumed by exhaustion. My daughter deserved more than I could give.  Something had to change. Actually...

everything had to change. 

I made a radical decision to completely change my life. I left my career and  embarked on an epic adventure up the east coast of Australia in a caravan in 2016 with Mackenzie. I started a travel blog and created an inspiring special-needs platform to share our adventures on The Road Unseen.

I had a very clear vision for the story and daydreamed about the ‘The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo’ during our road trip. I wrote in our caravan late one night and approached Emma Stuart Illustrations to collaborate on my dream project. She said YES! 

I BELIEVED my story would find its way into inquisitive little hands across the world. I followed my PASSIONS and COMMITTED to the journey. I TRUSTED I would find the right people at the right time. And I did. I met Joanne Fedler Media through my love of writing and she offered to publish my book. I said YES!

I wasn't a professional children's writer. I wasn't a published author. I wasn't a known writer in the industry. I was just a girl with a dream.

I had a passion for writing and a dream to share it. I believed in the possibilities and I made my dream come true.


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Tanya and Mackenzie

What are you dreaming about?

What's holding you back from living your dreams?

What have you always wanted but never been able to obtain? Are you held back by fear? Doubt? Uncertainty? Perhaps you're just too damn tired to try anymore. Work with me to understand the resistance that’s holding you back so you can shed the self imposed limits and live with unshakable belief that you can have everything you dream of. Remember what it’s like to dream, feel free in your choices, connect with your purpose, and live in abundance and joy.

It is from here, that dreams do come true.