My Story

I come with a plethora of labels but the one that’s had the biggest impact on my journey, growth and purpose is ‘Mama’ – to my one and only daughter, Mackenzie Sage. Born blind, developmentally delayed, autistic and reliant on mediations to survive, Mackenzie is my greatest teacher.

She is the reason all of this exists.

I dedicated my life to supporting Mackenzie to overcome her long list of challenges, determined to give her the best opportunity to live a life full of joy, inclusion, independence and fulfilment. But in giving her my all, I had nothing left for me.

I was consumed by the belief that I didn't have enough time, support, cash flow, resources, energy and sleep. I drowned in therapy sessions, operations, blood tests and appointments.

I lost my sense of Self.

As a single, socially isolated and unfulfilled special-needs mum, I struggled to meet the demands of all my roles. My heart was suffocating under a broken relationship, sleepless nights, feeding tubes and procedures. It felt like the essence of who I was came second to my daughter’s needs and I felt trapped by the self-inflicted guilt and shame I put on myself anytime I did something to myself. I craved to feel that sense of freedom and connection I felt as a woman before my life was changed by a diagnosis I didn’t understand.

So many things needed to change.

Chronically ill, fatigued and a shell of my former self, with the support of friends, family and incredible healers, I decided I was worth it and made the commitment to connect with my Self through my passions.

  • I permanently left my career as an Occupational Therapist because it no longer fulfilled me. I opted to pursue Soul fulfilment instead

  • I caravanned the east coast of Australia with my daughter - you can read my travel blog at The Road Unseen

  • I wrote my first children’s book, The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo, which you can buy here

  • I aligned my career choices with my passions as a writer, professional speaker, coach, yoga teacher and retreat facilitator

  • And I’m writing a book – a memoir about raising my daughter and the choices I've made to create inner freedom and joy in the face of adversity

My delightful, cheeky, hilarious daughter has been my guiding light through the dark.

She showed me that I can choose to live an authentic expression of my Soul’s desires, and that I am more than my life’s situation.

I choose to live in alignment with abundance and joy, free of the confinements of a scarcity mindset.

I am passionate about empowering mothers to connect with the essence of your true Self so you can create inner freedom and joy, just like me. It’s time to live your purpose, fulfilled and overflowing with light and fulfilment. For you, your children, your family and for the collective consciousness of our beautiful world.

It’s time to say yes, to You.

Do you...

  • Feel trapped by your current circumstances?

  • Feel there is never enough time, money, energy or support?

  • Feel guilty and ashamed for doing something you You?

  • Feel unfulfilled in one or more areas of your life such as career, relationships, social status, financial status, freedom, creativity, joy, sexuality?

  • Miss the woman you were before you were gifted the title ‘Mother’, free to roam, expand and adventure without responsibility?

  • Hear the whispers of your Soul begging for change?

  • Feel a pull towards something different, something more aligned? Perhaps you don’t even know what it is you’re searching for?


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