For women who want to change their story

Exhausted, overwhelmed, consumed by life’s demands and feeling like I never had enough. Never enough time, enough money, enough support or ability. I didn’t know who I was if not for the title of ‘mama’ and I missed the woman I used to be. I missed feeling fulfilled, connected and full of joy. I wanted to reconnect with my Self to feel my inner strength, vitality and confidence. I wanted to be:

Creative - Powerful - FRee - Expressive - Connected

Adversity, overwhelm and confusion does not have to be the main event of your life’s journey. Through adversity I learned to redefine who I was. I released my limiting beliefs, re-created my expression of freedom and joy, and connected with the essence of who I truly am.

Be empowered to shift your perspective, expand your mindset and reach your potential. You can change your story.


Will you sit with me and tell me your story?

Do you want to …

+ Feel free in your life choices

+ Create more time for do the things that bring you joy

+ Experience abundance in every aspect of your life

+ Feel less guilt and shame in your quest for support and honouring your own needs

+ Be fulfilled in your life roles and experience joy daily

+ Regain your own sense of identity, no longer conditioned by your life’s situation

+ Trust the longing in your heart for something more

+ Be courageous enough to reconnect with the essence of who you really are?

Will you sit with me?

Together we will journey back to You


Tanya is deeply passionate about empowering mothers to connect with the essence of their Self - right at the heart’s centre. She is a coach, motivational speaker and author with a story to share, and one worth listening too. Tanya guides you to see your Self in a way that you’ve never seen before, encouraging you to journey deep within to release unwanted layers and express your truth, despite life’s adversities.

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Through my special-needs parenting journey I’ve reconnected with the essence of my Self, free of limiting beliefs. I choose to live in abundance. I choose joy

Coaching packages


'Hour of Essence' AWAKENING call

The ‘Hour of Essence’ awakening call is a powerful one-off 90 minute call. Be guided to shift your perspective and see your Self in a way that you’ve never seen before. Become aware of your challenges and limiting beliefs and begin to connect with the essence of who you really are - right at the centre of your heart. Are you ready to see your Self in a different light and take self-driven action to release the shadows that suffocate your essence?


awakening bundle (3 x calls)

The ’Awakening Bundle’ offers 3 x 1 hour ‘Hour of Essence’ coaching calls over three consecutive weeks. This is a succinct yet powerful offering that guides you to see your true Self, connect with your Self beyond unwanted layers of limitations, and realise the depth of your incredible light. This is an initiation to the ‘12 Week Essence of You’ coaching package that encourages you to tap into the deeper layers that are holding you back from reaching your potential and being supported to see your light.


‘12 week Essence of You’ coaching package

The '12-week Essence of You’ is a transformative signature program that encourages you to step into abundance, beyond limitations, full of potential and light. This journey will help you create inner freedom and give your light permission to expand as far as you dare to dream. Are you willing to be freed of the confines of self imposed limitations, beliefs and challenges? Are you ready to take action to live an authentic expression of You?


Not sure if coaching is right for you, or can’t decide which package to choose?