Hour of Essence Awakening Call

Hour of Essence Awakening Call


1 x 90 Minute private call (using Skype)

·     Kick start your journey to connecting with the essence of your true Self 

·     1 x 90 Minute call via Skype 

·     Pre-call preparation

·     Complete the 5 Elements of Essence to spark self-inquisition and nurture self-awareness

·     Confront your fears, worries and feelings of guilt for honouring your own needs

·     Recognise your limitations and see your true potential from your heart space, no longer conditioned by your mind. Feel into you divine essence…your sparkle

·     Do you dare to dream?

·     The what, why and how to create you own inner peace, freedom and joy

·     Closing email with 30-Day Action Plan for self driver outcomes

·     30-Day email support following the call and 30-Day follow up phone call

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This is a powerful 90 minutes of connection, self-inquiry, reflection and support to celebrate and honour YOU. Recognise what’s holding you back, share your dreams (even the really big ones!), cultivate awareness around the limiting beliefs that prevent you from creating inner freedom, and stretch the mindset to move towards the essence of your true Self. We’ll create awakening through awareness and action so you can step into your power and live your best life, from the essence of your true Self – Your Soul Self. Free of the confines of a scarce mindset, fuelled with abundance and joy.

This initial 90 minute call will help to identity your needs. All action required is self directed following the call.

To address your burning desires and release the layers that have been hiding your light, ongoing coaching and support is recommended. You might like to try the 12-Week ‘Essence of You’ Package instead.