Awakening Bundle (3 x coaching calls)

Awakening Bundle (3 x coaching calls)


3 week coaching offering via private calls (using Skype)

·     Awaken and begin to connect with your Self on this powerful yet succinct three week journey to You

·     3 x weekly one-hour calls via Skype (one call every week three consecutive weeks)

·     Pre-call preparation

·     Complete the 5 Elements of Essence to spark self-inquisition and nurture self-awareness

·     Perfect for the busy mama who's ready to leap into swift action for new ways of seeing, connecting and growing. For those wanting a little more than a 90 minute session, but aren’t ready to commit to a full 12 week signature journey

·     Awaken to your inner limitations, connect with your heart space, and be guided by your inner knowing for potential and freedom

·     Powerful guidance to awareness and shared action to live your best life, free of limiting beliefs and full of abundance

·     Closing email with 30-Day Action Plan for self driven outcomes

·     30-Day email support following the call and 30-Day follow up phone call

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This is an extension on the Hour of Essence 90 minute call. Perfect for the committed mama who is so sick of feeling like a shell of their former self and are ready to kick into super mama action to reconnect with the essence of your true Self. This bundle offers three consecutive calls over three weeks guiding you to see your Truth through a self awakening, connect through guided support, and take action to living your best life. Free of the confines of a scarce mindset, fuelled with abundance and joy, this is a fast paced journey for the fast paced mama.

But maybe you need to slow down…to take your time listening, awakening and connecting. The 12-Week ‘Essence of You’ Package is perfect for a slow paces highly supportive journey to empowerment of your Self.