'12-Week Essence of You’ Coaching Package

'12-Week Essence of You’ Coaching Package

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12-week coaching package via private calls (using Skype)

·     A transformative signature journey that guides you to connect with the essence of your true Self

·     6 x fortnightly one-hour calls via Skype 

·     Pre-call preparation

·     Complete the 5 Elements of Essence to spark self-inquisition and nurture self-awareness

·     Release feelings of guilt, shame, limiting beliefs and a scarcity mindset

·    Recognise your worth and explore your passions, dreams and potential

·     Intention and goal setting to create clarity on your vision and desires

·     Intentional actions to achieve whatever your Soul and heart desires (It’s OK if you’re not sure what that is…We’ll work it out!)

·     Journey from the conditions of darkness that make you feel trapped into your divine essence - your Truth - in freedom worthiness, joy and abundance

·     Full email support between sessions with follow up email after each session

·     30 -Day email support following completion of the program

·     30-Day Action Plan at completion of the program

·      Gift: Book of your choice

Please note: This is not a ‘one program fits all’ package – It is unique to your needs, challenges and dreams

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Over this transformative 12-week journey you’ll work with Tanya to see yourself in your true form, awaken to your limitations and potential, and connect with your passions and purpose. Release feelings of guilt, worthlessness, fear and uncertainty. Free yourself of the belief that you’re too consumed by the demands of your life to live your Truth. A scarcity mindset doesn't serve your highest Self.

Are you ready to evolve into a state of abundance and manifest everything you want for yourself? Whatever your soul seeks, we can achieve with powerful strategies and actions to step into your power and live your best life.

Release the heaviness that smothers your heart and dims your light. Free yourself of limiting beliefs that disrupt your ability to live from your authentic Self. This is a celebration of You, because you are worth it! It’s time to reconnect with your inner freedom and shine from the essence of your true Self. The world needs your light. 

If you’re unsure if a full program is right for you, how about a little taster with the Hour of Essence’ Awakening Call or ‘Awakening Bundle’


Who is this program best suited to?

My programs are perfect for you if you are a mother and you:

·      Fell pregnant with your first baby between the ages of 21-26 (your current age is of no importance) and

·      Feel trapped by your current circumstances (perhaps as a mother, partner, friend, employee – in any area of your life) and/or

·      Feel like everything you do is dictated by the needs of your children and/or

·      Feel like there is never enough time, money, energy, knowledge or support and/or

·     Are sick of feeling like crap and want to feel amazing, alive, energised and full of life again and/or

·     Feel unfulfilled in one or more areas of your life (including but not limited to career, relationships, social life, financial situation, social and personal freedom, creativity, health and wellbeing, joy and/or sexuality) and/or

·      Miss the woman you were before you were gifted the title of ‘Mother’ – remember a time when you were free to roam, participate, expand and adventure without responsibility? and/or

·      Feel the pull towards something different. Perhaps you don’t even know what that is. It’s a feeling…A deep knowing that you are needing something else to fell fulfilled and/or

·      Feel scared to listen to the whispers of your heart, because it goes against everything you’ve ever known or someone else’s expectations on you (perhaps even your own expectations) and

·      Are so ready to commit to change that you’re busting out of your skin to get started, even though you might be a little bit scared! 

I have a special interest in working with mothers who have children with special needs. As a special-needs mama myself, I absolutely get you. And I’ve got your heart wrapped in my heart. 

What if your Soul is saying ‘this sounds amazing!’ but … 

·     You’re not a mother

·     You were older than 21-26 when you had your first child

·     You’re a mother with adult children

·     You don’t have any idea what you want from a 12 week coaching program, but you feel like something is calling you to reach out

That’s OK! I’d LOVE to hear from you. Reach out via email tanya@tanyasavva.com and lets see if I can support you to shine your light and connect with the essence of your true Self – your Soul Self.