Your Light in the Dark

Blindfolded Yoga Workshop

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What conditions and expectations do you place on your Self and others purely based on what you see? In the process of eliminating all we think we know we cultivate the ability to tap into the very essence of our inner Being - right in the centre of our core. From there, we learn to see.

Are you ready to sit in the dark? 

This transformational experience will guide you to connect with the essence of your true Self. Close your eyes and enter a world of darkness in a blindfolded yoga experience where the only place to look, is within. This is a deeply explorative journey where you'll delight your senses in every way.

In every way, without your vision.

What I am looking for is not out there; it is in me
— Helen Keller

From this inner space of dark solitude you'll learn to listen deeply to the whispers of your heart, free your Self of self-imposed limitations, embody the emotions residing within you, and learn to completely surrender into trust. 

Will YOU see your light in the dark?

Upcoming Workshops:

One Big Heart

One Big Heart Shop 11, 1-15 Murray Street, Camden

Date TBA - February 2019



Healthy Living Concepts: 20 Neilson Crescent, Bligh Park

Date TBA - March 2019


When Tanya's daughter, Mackenzie, was born blind it sparked a fire within her that has completely transformed her life. In the face of adversity, Mackenzie's darkness allowed Tanya to see her own inner light, free of the confines of a self limiting mindset into inner freedom, abundance and joy. Join Tanya as she combines her lived experience of raising a child with blindness, with her yoga, mindfulness and coaching, to empower you to embody the emotional state of your human existence, and see your light in the dark.